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Our high quality rubber formliners provide unique patterns and beautifully textured concrete finishes, suitable for Precast, in-Place and Tilt-Up applications.


Express strong design language using bespoke patterns and textures in your next architectural concrete project. From superficial to significant, rigid to smart, our range of high quality 2D and 3D form liners will help articulate your building’s unique style and sensibility.


Achieve bespoke concrete art that stands out as iconic masterpieces. Create any 3D shape, form or texture to express striking character and style, exactly how you imagine it


Create a stunning, durable brickwork finish to concrete elements and applications including pre-cast, tilt-up or cast in place.


Using an intricate mechanical process and technology, we can photoengrave any graphic image, in monotone, to completely illuminate the stark surface of a concrete element.

Our range of FormLiner solutions are backed by a best-in-class service

From large projects requiring repetitive patterns and textures, to small customised cast-in-place jobs, we have a range of services and quality form liner solutions to meet your project needs.


We have the skill, technology and experience to ensure absolute design integrity and form, supported by bespoke customer service


We promise an efficient and versatile range of products and solutions that are easy to use and affordable


Beautiful and economical, you can achieve economies of scale while creating a striking, timeless impression


Save time and money without sacrificing service. Get expert advice from knowledgeable staff and highly experienced engineers

The AFA Difference


We have the skill, technology and experience to ensure absolute design integrity and form, supported by bespoke customer service.

Technical Support

Our single and high-use formliners and VERSA-BRIX thin brick in-lay systems are Australian made quality and high-performing, suited to Australia's precast market and architectural design sensibility.

Bespoke Service

Experience a personalised, flexible service which ensures you can meet project deadlines, budgets and still fulfill your creative vision, without a single compromise.

Efficient + Affordable

Our quality formliner solutions and bespoke services are competitively priced. We can offer fast turnaround periods for tight projects without any compromise on craftsmanship and performance.


Whether it's a residential, civil or commercial project, AFA delivers superior manufacturing technology and tight quality control, to ensure you get the most value out of our products and services.


If you can imagine it, we can do it. All form liners and 3D moulds can be customised and used in public arts projects, precast retaining walls and freeway walls, creating bespoke and unique concrete elements.