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Products: Thin Brick Inlay Systems

Take advantage of everything Think-Brick technology has to offer.

Architectural Formliners Australia® offers a wide variety of high-quality thin brick inlay systems suitable for pre-cast, tilt-up, and cast-in-place, to help you achieve architecturally beautiful and creative projects. 

Brick inlay is a proven facade system, boasting superior engineering in both single and multi-use options to guarantee faster construction times and significantly reduced costs.

Versa-Brix®-M Thin Brick Formliners

Best for repetitive precast thin brick inlay projects, Architectural Polymers Australia Versa-brix® M Multi-use Thin Brick Inlay Form Liner System is exclusively through our partner Robertson Façade Systems. Quick delivery and exceptional installation service give Versa-brix® M a low-cost advantage that benefits the precast concrete producer. Versa-brix® M can be formed into any pattern imaginable for any brick size.

Versa-Brix® 3-D Thin Brick Formliners

Our high-quality Versa-brix® M 3D Multi-use Thin Brick Inlay Form Liner System, exclusively available through our partner Robertson Façade Systems gives an irregular effect that adds realism and/or contemporary character to a brick-clad concrete panel. Versa-brix® 3-D can also be used for building art, window and corner accents, antique effects, and historically sensitive projects to create a realistic effect that will make your precast concrete project stand out.