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Architectural Formliners Australia

At Architectural Formliners Australia we help architects, designers, engineers and precasters like you, imagine, plan and create decorative architectural concrete, beyond the ordinary.

Since 2015, Architectural Formliners Australia has specialised in the design and manufacturing of high-quality rubber form liners for Australia's architectural concrete industry. Our range of innovative products enable our clients from different industry sectors to achieve unique and beautifully textured finishes to the surfaces of concrete elements, in a variety of applications.

AFA is proud to provide design consultation and support throughout the process, to help our clients determine the best solution with timelines, budgets and resources in mind. And while we offer a large variety of beautiful design, our creative engineers and sculptors can custom-make master patterns and textures to suit any desired structural and aesthetic vision.

Our Range of solutions will help you express integrity and form on concrete elements consistently and beautifully

Solutions for Architects

Our superior urethane formliners, thermaformed liners and brick inlay systems for concrete can help you make your architectural concepts a reality.

We have the technology and experience to interpret the design integrity, whilst offering innovative construction methods.

From large projects requiring repetitive patterns, to small customised cast-in-place jobs, we have a range quality solutions to meet your individual needs.

Solutions for Precast

From quality constructed form liners to our Versa-Box Brick Inlay Systems, our range of patterns and designs will enhance the look and appeal of your concrete panel

Solutions for Contractors

Our formliner products are suitable for redways, freeway noise walls, high rise apartments and offices, infrastructure and retaining walls

Solutions for Tilt-Up

Beautiful and economical, our quality multiple use urethane form liners or thermoform liners are the perfect solutions for your tilt-up construction needs and project requirements