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Products: Customised Photo Engraved Form Liners

Turn imagination into reality and bring your concrete fa├žade to life. Using an intricate mechanical process and technology, we can photoengrave any graphic image, in monotone, to completely illuminate the stark surface of a concrete element.

Let your building tell its story. 

Great architects know how to evoke emotion. They create buildings that explore important narratives about the landscape they sit on, the history of the location, and the lives and experiences that inspired them. One of the most effective ways to convey a story is through imagery.  Now you can create visual impact and bring your building to life, by seamlessly integrating you're chosen graphic image onto the building facade using our high-quality photo engraved formliners.  Unlike 3D art technology where the pattern, texture, or image is represented through geometrical contours, the Photo Engraving technique relies on light and shadow to project the image. 

We use state-of-the-art technology to create long-lasting impressions. 

All AFA photoengraved formliners are Australian-made, durable and reusable. To engrave the formliner, we transfer the image data onto a template with a computer numerical control (CNC) milling machine. The CNC machine creates a master mold that will be used to create the photo-engraved formliner. Concrete is then poured onto the formliner and the resulting element produces an exact image of the original photograph. The end result?  Subtle, texturised nuances of light and shadow and the impression that the image has been chiseled out of the concrete! Get even more creative by accentuated details using artificial light sources - the possibilities are endless.